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Our Pharmacies have been committed in improving health in our communities all over the Rio Grande Valley since our beginnings. Knowing that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, we now offer in-store health screenings to detect indicators for serious health risks. These health screenings are available any time the pharmacy is open, no appointment necessary, and all of the tests can be performed in a matter of minutes. All exams are administered by pharmacy professionals with a licensed pharmacist on site to assist in interpreting the test results accurately.

  • Walk-ins welcome, no scheduling required.
  • All tests available during normal pharmacy hours.
  • Results received by the end of the visit (usually 5-10 minutes). Simple finger-prick for tests requiring samples.

Testing we provide:

  • - Blood Pressure (fasting NOT required) Hypertension, or high blood pressure, can be present without feeling any differently, and controlling high blood pressure is crucial in the prevention of heart attack or stroke. This test is completely non-invasive and involves an inflatable arm cuff.
  • - Blood Glucose (fasting recommended but not required): Blood glucose, or blood sugar, can lead to various different health issues when left uncontrolled. Controlling blood glucose is important to prevent health problems associated with diabetes including cardiovascular, vision, and kidney problems. This test involves a finger stick in order to test a small sample of blood for the current blood glucose level at that time.
  • - Blood Glucose Average (A1C) $40 (fasting NOT required):While the normal blood glucose test only provides a snap-shot of the current level of sugar in the blood, the A1C test can reveal what the average blood glucose level has been for the previous three months. This test also requires a finger stick to test the blood but is not affected by food and drinks consumed around the time of testing.
  • - Cholesterol (Full Lipid Panel) $40 (fasting for 10 hours required):This cholesterol test gives a complete breakdown of cholesterol in the blood including the HDL (good) cholesterol, the LDL (bad) cholesterol, and triglycerides. Maintaining a proper balance of cholesterol is vital to the prevention of heart attack or stroke.
Prescription Synchronization
cognivue clarity

Cognitive function and brain health screenings

Our Pharmacies now offer cognitive function and brain health screenings. The cutting edge technology of the Cognivue Clarity, can screen for early-onset dementia utilizing 6 unique testing parameters.

This screening is great for anyone curious about their brain health, cognitive function, or has a history of dementia.

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Health Screening Services

We offer a variety of health screening and education for individuals and employers. Diabetes Education offers 10 hours of guided coaching.

Group & Business COVID-19 Testing

We are proud to offer convenient and full-service COVID-19 Solutions for your business, event, or group.

Compounding Services

Compounding provides an innovative pharmacists to customize medication for patients that struggle taking mass-produced medication.

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