Diabetes Self Management

Managing your diabetes can be overwhelming. At Our Pharmacies, we provide the support and information you need to live well with diabetes all in one easy place. We are proud to offer online Diabetes Self-Management Education & Support (DSMES). we're one of the few accredited DSMES programs in to care for our community and beyond. Register for online classes NOW!

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Program Highlights

  • *Our Pharmacies are accredited providers of this service through the American Association of Diabetes Education Specialists (ADCES).
  • *Every participant gets a 1-on-1 consultation with a licensed pharmacist where you will set personalized and attainable goals.
  • *Includes FOUR group education & support sessions where you'll get the direction, resources, and support you need to succeed.
  • *Designed specifically to help people with diabetes tackle commonly faced issues.
  • *It's convenient! All sessions are online and easily done from HOME!
  • *Learn from others in a small, personalized online group class.
  • *FREE for Medicare participants, and with a doctor's referral, most insurance plans will help cover the cost.

Interested in Participating?

Come on down to one of our pharmacies listed below to learn more!

Prescription Synchronization
Prescription Synchronization


Did you know your Medicare coverage will pay for up to 10 hours of DSMES provided by an accredited program ? This means that most people over 65 can receive this service for $0 at Pharmacy! Not Medicare eligible? No worries! Our pharmacist will go over pricing before enrollment.

Upcoming Sessions

Our next DSMES program will be in May and June 2022. Sessions are held virtually on Monday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 PM CST. Please see below for specific dates.

  • -Session 1: September 19th
  • -Session 2: September 26th
  • -Session 3: October 3rd
  • -Session 4: October 10th
Prescription Synchronization

Overview of Education Sessions

Session 1: Diabetes & Heart Health

In this session you will learn what having diabetes means for your cardiovascular health with topics such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and more!

Session 2: Food & Fitness

Our experts will walk you through how we can eat and exercise to take care of our bodies. We will discuss some realistic and attainable goals we can set for ourselves.

Session 3: Managing Complications

Diabetes affects more than the amount of sugar in our blood. In this session we will learn how diabetes affects other areas of our bodies and how to recognize and address these complications.

Session 4: Medications

Our pharmacists are the medication experts and have a wealth of knowledge to share with you about the medications you use to manage diabetes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do the diabetes management classes include?

* A virtual one-on-one session with one of our knowledgeable pharmacists to discuss your goals in four one-hour virtual group education sessions on topics crucial to diabetes management.

*Session 1: Heart Health and Diabetes

*Session 2: Food and Fitness

*Session 3: Managing Complications

*Session 4: Medications

Q: Who can participate ?

A: Anyone with Type-1, Type-2, or gestational diabetes can enroll

Q: What is the cost ?

A: For patients 65 years and older with Medicare coverage, participation in these sessions are no cost to you. Medicare covers the cost at 100%. For patients with private insurance, there is a chance your insurance can cover part or all of the cost. Individual plans may vary. For patients that would like to participate out-of-pocket, the value of the full set of classes is $350

Q: What is the goal of participating in DSMES?

A: By the end of the program our participants will be able to manage their diabetes from every perspective, not just with medications, and will gain the knowledge needed to take charge of their own health.

Health Screening Services

We offer a variety of health screening and education for individuals and employers. Diabetes Education offers 10 hours of guided coaching.

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We are proud to offer convenient and full-service COVID-19 Solutions for your business, event, or group.

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Compounding provides an innovative pharmacists to customize medication for patients that struggle taking mass-produced medication.

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